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Stamped Concrete Brick Stamp

We installed this sidewalk this past Summer. The homeowner wanted red and as you can see we delivered! Look at the contrast between the regular concrete on the left and the stamped concrete sidewalk. Big difference. Please keep in mind if you choose to do a brick stamp, you don’t have to go red. This is…

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Landscape Edging- Concrete The Only Way to Go

I was looking at this photo before posting and was wondering what I could say about it. You know after a while it sometimes seems difficult to be descriptive about something that you (me) do every day. The curbing does its job so well it seems like it naturally belongs there. So it was difficult for me…

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Concrete Curbing is Part of the Landscape

Concrete Edging in the landscape! We can all work together can’t we? As you can see in the photo there are two types of curbing. One red and one charcoal. If done properly the curbing blends in with the rest of the landscape. That is my goal when I install it for you. It should not…

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Is That Really Concrete? Yes It Is!

Yes, Yes, Yes. This is stamped concrete blog after all. We do a lot of this so let me explain a little. We arrive at the site with a trailer loaded with sand and cement. We also have a mixer on the trailer. We add the sand and cement along with the color and wheelbarrow it up…

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Stamping Concrete in Richmond

Concrete driveways do not always look the same as you can see here. Our customer lives in historic Richmond and he wanted his driveway to look the part. For the stamped concrete we used the running bond as a border and a herribone as the infill. The color is Scofield red and a Buff release was…

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Slant Style Curb with Brick Stamp Finish

The curbing you see here is the slant style curb with the brick stamp finish. We also used a Belgian texture roller with charcoal release. Upon finishing we apply one coat of solvent based acrylic sealer. Please take notice: we install around existing landscaping without any disruption of the existing plantings. One thing I am…

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