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Stamped Concrete – Rock Salt Driveway

Stamped Concrete

 Stamped Concrete with a birds eye view! I’m not able to give you these looks on every job. But, with a little more time we will be posting a video of the installation. For now hopefully this photo gives you the whole picture of what this stamped concrete driveway looks like You can see the lay out, the…

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Rock Salt Stamped Driveway

The concrete driveway is finished with a Rock Salt Texture Mat. Before we could even think about how we finished the driveway we had to figure out how to form it up. The homeowner wanted a cantilevered edge installed around the perimeter of their rock salt stamped driveway. The natural rock wall was in place…

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Concrete Counter Tops by

Stamped Concrete and Concrete Counter Tops How do these two items go together? They go together in a couple of ways. Stamped Concrete takes a lot of dedication. First is the pride of our work force. Stamping concrete takes a lot of focus and dedication from our employees to do the job correctly. Details, details,…

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Exposed Aggregate Driveway Richmond VA

Exposed Aggregate Driveway in Richmond VA. Where do I start with this one. This finish is very popular, beautiful and also vilified. The vilification is generally because of neglect. You see, while this surface does not look like it, it is very porous. Let me explain a little bit. When we install exposed aggregate we rinse…

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Red Brick Stamped Sidewalk Time Lapse

[wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_video link=”” width=640 height=360 description=”Red Brick Stamped Sidewalk Time Lapse” source=”” title=”Red Brick Stamped Sidewalk Time Lapse”] This brick stamped sidewalk fits in very well. We changed up the colors and finish from the patio, but it still works. A lot of times I will suggest to change things up a bit. When you have…

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Patio Idea/ Sitting Wall Time Lapse

Here we are pouring the concrete sitting wall that surrounds a 125 year old maple tree in Richmond, VA. What you see in the video happens to be the easiest part of the project. Getting too this point was the hardest. The home owner, Jonathon, helped us out immensely. He dug the holes. That was…

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Stamping Concrete! Dust is a Stirring

Oh, It’s all glamour and glitz! Yea, give me a break. Well take a look. That brown dust you see happens on virtually every stamp job we do. The only difference you might see from one job to the next is the color of the dust. By the way, this dust has a name it’s called…

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