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Landscape Edging- Concrete The Only Way to Go

Brick Bed Edging

I was looking at this photo before posting and was wondering what I could say about it. You know after a while it sometimes seems difficult to be descriptive about something that you (me) do every day. The curbing does its job so well it seems like it naturally belongs there. So it was difficult for me to come up with some words to describe it. Now, I can not imagine this bed without the concrete edging! Just think if it wasn’t there. And for that matter, what could you put there that would look this nice? The curbing basically frames the landscaped bed like a picture frame. It  show cases off your landscape. Not only does it show case your landscaping, but the fact that it has a function other than its looks is a huge bonus. It keeps out the grass, keeps the mulch in your bed, and cuts down on your weed whacking time. Oh, and one more thing, it’s concrete so you don’t have to mess with it after I put it in. It stays there and looks good year after year after year.