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Landscape Ideas/Concrete Sitting Wall-The Pour

This series of pictures shows us pouring what I call a sitting wall. What a job. The wall is formed around a 125 year old maple tree. The wall is a monolithic pour. That means the footing, wall and bench top are all poured at the same time. The key is the footing. How do we…

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Stamped Concrete Close Up Picture

  Stamped Concrete looks nice. Look at the detail and color variations you can get with stamped concrete. This is called Yorkshire Cobblestone, we use this stamp for driveways, patios, sidewalks and sometimes as accents. I like the stamps that we use, they have realistic textures and are top notch. There are a ton of stamps on…

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That’s Concrete?

This is a project that I am very proud of. The owner of the house heard of me through a mutual friend. The owner wanted to convert his deck into a 4 season room. He wanted a brick wall and that is why he called me. Adding a brick wall the typical way creates a…

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