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Stamped Concrete Close Up Picture

  Stamped Concrete looks nice. Look at the detail and color variations you can get with stamped concrete. This is called Yorkshire Cobblestone, we use this stamp for driveways, patios, sidewalks and sometimes as accents. I like the stamps that we use, they have realistic textures and are top notch. There are a ton of stamps on…

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Stamped Concrete or Exposed Aggregate

Stamped concrete or exposed aggregate is a question I get from a lot of customers. Each is a good choice of course. Cost is always a concern. I can say this, if your project has any size to it, the exposed will be less expensive. That may not apply to every where in the country,…

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Stamped Concrete Brick Stamp

We installed this sidewalk this past Summer. The homeowner wanted red and as you can see we delivered! Look at the contrast between the regular concrete on the left and the stamped concrete sidewalk. Big difference. Please keep in mind if you choose to do a brick stamp, you don’t have to go red. This is…

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Red Brick Stamped Sidewalk Time Lapse

[wp_lightbox_prettyPhoto_video link=”” width=640 height=360 description=”Red Brick Stamped Sidewalk Time Lapse” source=”” title=”Red Brick Stamped Sidewalk Time Lapse”] This brick stamped sidewalk fits in very well. We changed up the colors and finish from the patio, but it still works. A lot of times I will suggest to change things up a bit. When you have…

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