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Concrete Curbing is Part of the Landscape

Concrete Edging

Concrete Edging in the landscape! We can all work together can’t we? As you can see in the photo there are two types of curbing. One red and one charcoal. If done properly the curbing blends in with the rest of the landscape. That is my goal when I install it for you. It should not stand out. I want it to work for you as a function of your landscape. Here the charcoal edging lines the driveway keeping the stone out of the grass and makes everything real neat. In the bed on the left the edging is a little more fancy, but still does not stand out, because it fits in with the bed design. Of course the function for the curbing there is to keep the mulch out of the grass. Both edgings will also reduce the amount of weed whacking that is required. The curbing can be used to run your lawnmower wheel on. Please keep in mind that the curbing does not eliminate weed whacking altogether, but it can reduce the amount of weed whacking.