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Stamped Concrete – Rock Salt Driveway

Stamped Concrete

 Stamped Concrete with a birds eye view! I’m not able to give you these looks on every job. But, with a little more time we will be posting a video of the installation. For now hopefully this photo gives you the whole picture of what this stamped concrete driveway looks like You can see the lay out, the…

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Stamped Concrete Driveway

                      London cobble apron with a broomed driveway body. The color is Hayfield with brown accents. The broomed driveway is done in hayfield also. What I like about this driveway is that it goes very nice with the house. The color, style and finish. It’s not…

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Stamped Patio and Porch

Wow!! I Loved doing this project. Working with an experienced contractor, and I want to plug him here, James River Construction. Not only do they go out of their way to satisfy the homeowner, the owner of the company is great too. But as always the project does not come down to just the contractors. The homeowners…

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Stamped Concrete / Bah-Humbug

                              Does everything need to be stamped? In my opinion broomed concrete looks very nice also and one good thing about broomed, it cost less. First you don’t need the color or the stamps. That saves some bucks right there. Don’t…

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Stamped Concrete Patios

Stamped concrete and patios go together like bacon and eggs. You can choose your color, your stamp, and borders if you like. Patios can get a little complex on hillsides. Retaining walls and steps can add costs to your patio. What we did here, is try and keep it as simple as possible without wasting…

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Stamped Porches and Steps

You may not be able to make it out in the picture on the left. It’s a mess. That is why we have jobs. We know how to fix and repair concrete. We tore out all the loose material on top of the original steps and look at the mess. On the right you can…

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Concrete Driveway Richmond Va

Broom Concrete makes for a nice driveway. The broom finish fulfills a lot of the requirements you might want for your project. It looks nice, it has a nice texture and it gives you enough texture for traction and foot traffic. We just recently poured this job.  What happens in a lot of instances with new homes…

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Let’s Pour Your Concrete Driveway

You would never know looking at it now. I should of taken a picture of the old driveway that was here. We tear out a lot of driveways. Some are asphalt and some are concrete. Then we pour them back how you want it. This customer wanted a medallion centered on the garage door. We poured the driveway…

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