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Stamped Concrete Close Up Picture

  Stamped Concrete looks nice. Look at the detail and color variations you can get with stamped concrete. This is called Yorkshire Cobblestone, we use this stamp for driveways, patios, sidewalks and sometimes as accents. I like the stamps that we use, they have realistic textures and are top notch. There are a ton of stamps on…

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Stamped Concrete Driveway

We stamped this driveway in Richmond Virginia in Henrico County. First we tore out the existing asphalt and then graded to four inches. The concrete is colored with a charcoal integral color. The release agent is a darker charcoal and of course the stamp is cobblestone. Finally we sealed it with a 30% solid solvent…

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Stamped Concrete Pictures

                      I think this is a pretty good combination. We used the running bond brick as the border and the cobble in the field. Colors are Hayfield with a “brown” release. The brick matches the release color. Cobble is kind of a busy pattern as is the…

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