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Concrete Sitting Wall and Fire Pit – Patio Ideas

We started installing the sitting wall and patio this past week. I am going to publish a series of photos along with a video of the whole project start to finish. Let me begin by telling you the process as to our progression. We began by stripping the site of vegetation and topsoil. We brought in 21’s (stone)  spread  and…

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Patio Idea/ Sitting Wall Time Lapse

Here we are pouring the concrete sitting wall that surrounds a 125 year old maple tree in Richmond, VA. What you see in the video happens to be the easiest part of the project. Getting too this point was the hardest. The home owner, Jonathon, helped us out immensely. He dug the holes. That was…

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Concrete! Stamped or Textured?

                                      Stamped or Textured? That’s a question I run into a lot. It is fairly hard to explain fully to my customers. Technically both are stamped concrete with a twist. Texture is accomplished using mats with just texture…

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Stamped Concrete-Concrete Sitting Wall

The Concrete Sitting Wall  is 100% Concrete. The top is concrete, the walls are concrete and the stones are concrete. Not the prefabbed concrete stones you buy. It all starts with a foundation. This sitting wall is poured all at once. What you don’t see is that the wall extends 2 feet in the ground.…

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That’s Concrete?

This is a project that I am very proud of. The owner of the house heard of me through a mutual friend. The owner wanted to convert his deck into a 4 season room. He wanted a brick wall and that is why he called me. Adding a brick wall the typical way creates a…

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