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Stamped Concrete Close Up Picture

  Stamped Concrete looks nice. Look at the detail and color variations you can get with stamped concrete. This is called Yorkshire Cobblestone, we use this stamp for driveways, patios, sidewalks and sometimes as accents. I like the stamps that we use, they have realistic textures and are top notch. There are a ton of stamps on…

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Concrete- Can’t Breathe, No Air

Did you know that concrete has air in it? Certain kinds of concrete have more than others. Interior concrete has air in it just from the natural churning and turning from the drum. Exterior concrete has air added to it by the concrete company. You only want so much though, because too much air can…

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Stamped Concrete or Exposed Aggregate

Stamped concrete or exposed aggregate is a question I get from a lot of customers. Each is a good choice of course. Cost is always a concern. I can say this, if your project has any size to it, the exposed will be less expensive. That may not apply to every where in the country,…

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Stamped Concrete / Bah-Humbug

                              Does everything need to be stamped? In my opinion broomed concrete looks very nice also and one good thing about broomed, it cost less. First you don’t need the color or the stamps. That saves some bucks right there. Don’t…

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