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Stamped Concrete – Rock Salt Driveway

Stamped Concrete

 Stamped Concrete with a birds eye view! I’m not able to give you these looks on every job. But, with a little more time we will be posting a video of the installation. For now hopefully this photo gives you the whole picture of what this stamped concrete driveway looks like You can see the lay out, the…

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Landscape Ideas/Concrete Sitting Wall-The Pour

This series of pictures shows us pouring what I call a sitting wall. What a job. The wall is formed around a 125 year old maple tree. The wall is a monolithic pour. That means the footing, wall and bench top are all poured at the same time. The key is the footing. How do we…

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Concrete Sitting Wall Framing- The Beginning

This is a job we started about two weeks ago. I collaborated with the owner on the design and layout. Here we have decided to use block as the retaining wall/sitting bench. There is approximately 80 feet of wall. There are going to be two patios an upper and a lower. As you can see…

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Stamped Patio and Porch

Wow!! I Loved doing this project. Working with an experienced contractor, and I want to plug him here, James River Construction. Not only do they go out of their way to satisfy the homeowner, the owner of the company is great too. But as always the project does not come down to just the contractors. The homeowners…

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Stamped Concrete Patio

It all starts with planning and communication. You can see that in the photo. It’s beautiful. This does not happen by wishing of course. It is a matter of sitting down with the homeowners and getting ideas and interchanging thoughts. The photo is a follow up of an earlier post we shot while the patio…

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Pavers, Curbing and Kitty Cats

Do you want a spot for your cat or dog to lay? How about a nice border to go around your exotic plants? We can do that for you. We installed the edging to border the pavers, thereby keeping the pavers in place and keeping the mulch in the bed where it belongs. Oh, and it’s…

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Coloring the Wall-Patio Ideas

When I write my blogs I get carried away thinking that you have been reading my earlier posts. Well in most circumstances I do not think that is the case. Silly me for thinking that way. So let me start out by explaning to you what we are illustrating. The sitting wall you see is 100% concrete. We…

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Concrete Sitting Wall and Fire Pit – Patio Ideas

We started installing the sitting wall and patio this past week. I am going to publish a series of photos along with a video of the whole project start to finish. Let me begin by telling you the process as to our progression. We began by stripping the site of vegetation and topsoil. We brought in 21’s (stone)  spread  and…

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Patio Idea/ Sitting Wall Time Lapse

Here we are pouring the concrete sitting wall that surrounds a 125 year old maple tree in Richmond, VA. What you see in the video happens to be the easiest part of the project. Getting too this point was the hardest. The home owner, Jonathon, helped us out immensely. He dug the holes. That was…

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