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Stamped Concrete Brick Stamp

Brick Stamp

We installed this sidewalk this past Summer. The homeowner wanted red and as you can see we delivered! Look at the contrast between the regular concrete on the left and the stamped concrete sidewalk. Big difference. Please keep in mind if you choose to do a brick stamp, you don’t have to go red. This is about as dark as we go with red. We have done this same stamp using many colors. From tan, to gray we have many choices to choose from. We also add contrast for the joints and shading.

Actually before we installed the new sidewalk we tore out an existing paver sidewalk. The pavers were uneven and had gaps where they had settled. I can tell you for sure. The homeowner is very happy with her new sidewalk. We have actually been back to her house and tore out more pavers on the other side of the garage and installed brick stamped concrete over there and in the backyard under her trellis where she is growing Wisteria.

So if you would like a new sidewalk from scratch or are replacing an old one, please give us a call. As always our estimates are free.