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Cantilevered Stamped & Textured Concrete Driveway

Stamped Concrete Driveway It took two days to prep and pour this Beautiful  Stamped Concrete Driveway. Not that we had a time limit mind you. I only want to show you what can accomplish in a couple of days. Coordinating with you the Customer This type of project does not happen by accident. This has been made very clear…

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Stamped Concrete – Rock Salt Driveway

Stamped Concrete

 Stamped Concrete with a birds eye view! I’m not able to give you these looks on every job. But, with a little more time we will be posting a video of the installation. For now hopefully this photo gives you the whole picture of what this stamped concrete driveway looks like You can see the lay out, the…

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Stamped Concrete Patio – Spring is Here!

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio What a great way to start Spring! A brand new stamped concrete patio! I doesn’t take much to get it started. You can contact me through this web page from our contact page or call me at 804-261-7778. That’s exactly what the owners of this patio did and look at their back…

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Fire Pit and Sitting Wall

Sitting Wall This patio was designed with a concrete Sitting Wall as you can see in the video. Once the patio design is agreed upon we excavate a foundation for the sitting wall. The foundation provides the stability for the concrete and gets us below the frost line here in Virginia. We then begin to…

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Rock Salt and Yorkshire Cobble Stamped Concrete Driveway

Stamped Concrete Driveway Sometimes the right words don’t come to mind when blogging. I want to talk about our decorative concrete in ways that might help you along with your decision. I try to take pictures that will give you a better idea as to what the stamp and texture finishes looks like for your stamped…

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Stamping Concrete

Stamping concrete to say the least is not very exotic. It’s very messy! The concrete here is pliable enough to walk the stamp in. We also tamp the stamps in, but the stamp tamp is not needed here. The gray powder (in the blue bucket) is called release. The release does a couple of things…

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Rock Salt Stamped Driveway

The concrete driveway is finished with a Rock Salt Texture Mat. Before we could even think about how we finished the driveway we had to figure out how to form it up. The homeowner wanted a cantilevered edge installed around the perimeter of their rock salt stamped driveway. The natural rock wall was in place…

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Walla! Concrete is a Dumping

Here it is, pouring mud. After the initial set up of forming and grading we pour the concrete. This is a stamped mix with color added. The color is a pigment we add into the ready mix truck after it arrives on site. The manufacturer designates how many pounds of pigment is added to each yard.…

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Stamped Concrete – Bull Floating

What is that guy doing in the picture? He is bull floating the concrete. The bull floating happens after the screeding process. This bull float is set up with a swivel handle. This allows the operator to twist the handle to get the proper pitch on the bull float. Twist it to the right and…

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Landscape Ideas/Concrete Sitting Wall-The Pour

This series of pictures shows us pouring what I call a sitting wall. What a job. The wall is formed around a 125 year old maple tree. The wall is a monolithic pour. That means the footing, wall and bench top are all poured at the same time. The key is the footing. How do we…

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