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Fire Pit and Sitting Wall

Sitting Wall

This patio was designed with a concrete Sitting Wall as you can see in the video. Once the patio design is agreed upon we excavate a foundation for the sitting wall. The foundation provides the stability for the concrete and gets us below the frost line here in Virginia. We then begin to form the wall and sitting bench to the proper height for seating. We us plywood forms the walls, then we incorporate form work for the colored concrete sitting bench.

Fire Pit

When designing this patio like so many others we incorporate all of your requirements and ideas into the final design of course. This particular patio incorporated a Fire Pit into the design.  Surrounding the Fire Pit with the sitting wall is a common design allowing to sit next to the fire. You can easily sit 6 to 8 people on the sitting wall and if more seating is required there is plentiful room for more chairs to be pulled up next to the fire pit. The size of the fire pit is generally around 42 to 48 inches. We allow ample room in our design for mobility around the Fire Pit.

Concrete Sitting Walls

Our Concrete Sitting Walls offer you the customer a plethora of sizes and finishes. You can pick your length (size), custom height, bench color and design and of course your final finish and colors. We also have at our disposal the same market place for you to purchase your choice of wall sizes and finishes. The customization of our concrete sitting walls is a tool to offer you something unique that others can not do.

Finishing the Concrete Sitting Wall

The palate to finish the concrete sitting wall is endless. Rock finishes are the most popular. Brick, Dry-vit or slate are other choices. The advantage of our finishes is in the application. We mix our material on site and apply directly to the wall using a trowel. We can vary the thickness depending on the final finish. Once the concrete we apply to the way sets we then carve the concrete into the final shape. After the carving we then color and shade the finish your desired look.

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