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Exposed Aggregate Driveway Richmond VA

Exposed Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Driveway in Richmond VA. Where do I start with this one. This finish is very popular, beautiful and also vilified. The vilification is generally because of neglect. You see, while this surface does not look like it, it is very porous. Let me explain a little bit. When we install exposed aggregate we rinse off the top layer of cement in order to “expose the stone”.  The finish product leaves you with little stones surrounded by cement. There is a fine edge here, because we are rinsing away the material that holds the stone in place. Around each stone is cement which is generally a tad lower then the top of the stone. Thereby forming a pocket. This gives a place for water, ice, salt, acid rain etc… to sit. These environmental issues can cause your stones to delaminate or the cement to get week that surround each individual stone. What you get if it is not maintained is the loosening or depletion of the stone. If you have this issue and want some advice please give us a call, I will be glad to help.


  1. andrew on May 18, 2015 at 12:55 am

    I love the looks of that exposed aggregate driveway, but i am concerned about the problem you described, where pocket of ice and salt can loosen or deplete the stones. It makes sense. Although you can work on this problem, will this be a consistent problem with an exposed aggregate driveway, in an region with both very hot and snowy weather?

    Should we opt for basic concrete slabs, for lower maintenance? I do like the unique look, but don’t want wear or trouble.


  2. on June 7, 2015 at 9:11 am

    Andrew, Thanks for writing. My basic rule of thumb is to protect all concrete from the natural elements and elements that you as a homeowner apply when you are trying to keep ice from forming. One thing to keep in mind is the vehicle you are driving in inclement weather will bring in what your road commission has spread on the roads.
    I protect my concrete driveway with sealer each year. It certainly helps the looks of the concrete and will definitely help with the longevity. Good luck with your project!

  3. John Carter on April 16, 2021 at 3:38 pm

    Would get to get quote to overlay existing aggregate driveway