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Rock Salt Stamped Driveway

Salt Stamp

The concrete driveway is finished with a Rock Salt Texture Mat. Before we could even think about how we finished the driveway we had to figure out how to form it up. The homeowner wanted a cantilevered edge installed around the perimeter of their rock salt stamped driveway. The natural rock wall was in place when I bid the job. The rocks were not even both horizontally and vertically. This gave us the largest challenge. In order to fix this we took out cut off saw with a diamond blade and cut off the rocks that gave us the most problems. We still hand to do a lot of trimming of the wood to fill many of the gaps around the rocks.

We installed plenty of rebar to give the cantilever strength. All in all it was quite a challenge. The project turned out great and the homeowners are very satisfied with their new stamped driveway.