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Concrete Pool Decks is an area that requires a lot of attention to detail.

Concrete Pool Deck by works in Richmond VA and the surrounding areas.

Richmond, VA Concrete Pool Deck Design and Installation

Several questions come to mind for you when you decide to take a look at pool deck options and install a swimming pool. What is the concrete finish going to be? Is it stamped concrete, broomed concrete, textured concrete, colored concrete or exposed aggregate? Or is it a mixture of stamped concrete and broomed concrete? These are some of the questions we hear. For some, the pool deck is already installed, but you want a new look. We do that too. What I do as a concrete contractor is to listen and incorporate your ideas into the final look.

Before the finish is done we:

First we make sure the preparation is done correctly for your pool deck. We make sure you have adequate concrete thickness and also of great importance is the compaction of the soils. A lot of times a pool deck will have a lot of fill around them and the compaction is of utmost importance.

We also demo old pool decks and install new concrete with the same dedication to detail. The layout of the forms is given a lot of attention too. Not only is the specific design important but the drainage is of utmost importance.

Personalizing Your Decorative Concrete Pool Deck

Of course we will meet with you and discuss all the details and hope to answer any questions you might have and possibly interject with some ideas of our own. Pools are very personal and we will make sure all your finish requirements are met. Ultimately no matter what we do for the preparation, it is the cost effective finished product you will be most proud of. Whether you need other pool deck options such as natural stone for slip resistance, smooth concrete, or a rock salt finish for your new decorative concrete pool deck, we have it all!

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