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Concrete Driveway Richmond Va

Broom Concrete

Broom Concrete makes for a nice driveway. The broom finish fulfills a lot of the requirements you might want for your project. It looks nice, it has a nice texture and it gives you enough texture for traction and foot traffic. We just recently poured this job.  What happens in a lot of instances with new homes as is the case here,  the existing stone driveway that was put in by the home contractor was too low. A lot of times house contractors put in just enough stone to get by with. When we come in to pour the concrete we want to make sure the driveway installation is correct as you will have it for many years. So in some cases we have to ignore the existing yard elevation and make sure your driveway is functional for many years to come. In this photo some top soil and grass seed will be added at the edges of the driveway and in a years time everything looks natural. Let me give you an example. When we arrived at this job, the garage elevation is already established at the house and of course the street elevation is already determined. If we would have “followed” the existing grades the driveway would be very steep. What I try to do is give the homeowner a fairly level area where they park  the cars, near the garage. I do this basically for two reasons. This gives you a  level area to get in and out of you car and also allows you to maintain your car with comfort ie. washing and waxing. I hope this helps you a little in understanding some of things we consider when doing your driveway.


  1. Curtis Watts on July 5, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Looking for a price on a driveway. This would be in the City of Richmond and what I want would be two entrances for a corner lot. Driveway would curve between them. I will do some of the work (What I want is a base that I will cover with pavers or brick) . Not much excavation needed. Looking for something reasonable. If you would like to discuss, I’d like to show you the location, discuss what is needed.

  2. admin on July 10, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    CS, Thanks, I will contact you via email.