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Stamping Concrete

Cobble Stamp

Stamping concrete

to say the least is not very exotic. It’s very messy! The concrete here is pliable enough to walk the stamp in. We also tamp the stamps in, but the stamp tamp is not needed here. The gray powder (in the blue bucket) is called release. The release does a couple of things for us.

  • Release gives us the shade or antiquing color.
  • Release allows us to stamp the concrete and not have the concrete stick to the stamp.

The concrete stamp in this photo is called London Cobble. On this job we have incorporated a couple things: Stamps and texture mats. The area on the right has been textured with the rock salt texture mats. Using different designs in big areas gives the finished product a better look.

Generally we will rinse/clean the release off the next morning. There are several ways to do this. Most of the time we use a power washer and incorporate scrubbing with a brush. Our company uses the same crew for cleaning and sealing the stamped concrete. This is a very important step and takes a lot of detail and experience to do this properly.