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Stamped Concrete-Concrete Sitting Wall

Concrete Sitting Wall

The Concrete Sitting Wall  is 100% Concrete. The top is concrete, the walls are concrete and the stones are concrete. Not the prefabbed concrete stones you buy. It all starts with a foundation. This sitting wall is poured all at once. What you don’t see is that the wall extends 2 feet in the ground. This gives the wall a solid foundation so it will not move and stays put. The bench top is poured along with the wall. A monolithic pour, everything is tied together with re-bar. Now the “stones” are applied after the wall is poured. They are not just simply glued on like the ones you find a Lowe’s or Home Depot. The “stone” is a fluid concrete mix applied with a trowel onto the wall. After the concrete sets up a bit I can texture  and carve it to look like stone. The coloring is the final step. What this allows me to do is to customize your installation. I can make the stones or rocks big or little as you want. The colors are chosen by you not the manufacturer.This gives you a lot more latitude in your landscape design. Keep in mind though as always my concrete is just a part of your design. It all fits into one big picture and one without the other does not give you a complete package. Lets design it together.