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Pavers, Curbing and Kitty Cats

Do you want a spot for your cat or dog to lay? How about a nice border to go around your exotic plants? We can do that for you. We installed the edging to border the pavers, thereby keeping the pavers in place and keeping the mulch in the bed where it belongs. Oh, and it’s kind of hard to talk about the sitting bench on the wall with such a beautiful cat there. She just loves the smooth top and I would guess that the bench might be a little warmer than the air giving her a nice warm spot to lay. We have a myriad of colors to choose from for your concrete. We build your sitting wall to any shape, size or color you want.  This isn’t something store bought. It is all built by hand to your specific requirements  and finishes. Whether you choose pavers or concrete for your patio you can add to it with a sitting wall or concrete edging.