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Stamped Concrete at Memorial

Stamped Concrete Memorial

Random Ashlar Slate. I believe the color is taos tan with Le Cresenta Brown Release. This patio is located in Goochland VA, at the Goochland county administration building.

We arrived in the morning and graded the site for the new patio. The design/layout was provided to us by the grounds department. After grading and setting of the forms,we poured the concrete in the mid morning. Once the conrete was down  the release was applied and then we stamped the concrete. We then ribboned off the area to keep any one from walking on the fresh concrete. The next morning we saw cut the patio. This helps to control cracking. We then cleaned up the release and after the concrete was dry a sealer was applied. We installed a  substance in the sealer to help with traction. At the time I took this photo the plantings and mulch had not yet been installed 100%. I am looking forward to this Spring or Summer to get a photograph with all the landscaping complete.

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