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Stamped Concrete What is the Cost?

stamped slateI can almost with a fact tell you that stamped concrete is less expensive than pavers. I do know a little about the cost of pavers, but being that concrete is my business there may be someone out there that will tell me hogwash, this, that and the other. I just got off the phone with a paver supplier. I priced a 15 x 20 patio and 4 x 20 walkway. One 4 x 1 step and a 4 foot fire pit. Total cost of the pavers including the options of step and fire pit totals approx. $2,100. The material alone costs $4.34 sf. By the time you add in the labor, stone and sand base with the edging and nails and you would be at the higher end of an expensive stamped patio like the one you see above. Any advantages or disadvantages? I believe when it gets all said and done it all comes down to personal taste and design. I am not going to get into the paver vs. concrete war on this post. The final decision is made by you and I believe for the money you can not beat stamped concrete.


  1. Carmen Sanchez on November 19, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    Thanks for this information! I have always been interested in decorative concrete and have wondered the costs of having it installed. Sounds like it is a better alternatives than pavers. Thanks again!

  2. Stamped Concrete on November 21, 2012 at 9:37 am Thanks you for looking and posting your comments.