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Curbs – Stamped Brick

Nothing like the red brick stamp. It always looks good. The guys put this one in without me today and they did a very nice job. The lines look straight and the curves are smooth. I have been talking to my web designer about showing the installation of the brick joints. People always ask, “How do you get the lines in there”, and I always say jokingly that it is a trade secret.  Well I end up telling them because the people who ask are generally soon to be customers. As you can see in one of these pictures and the blog before this one (a video) we squirt it in. The shape of this curb, the slant style, allows gravity to do the job for us. We squirt it from the top and it goes downhill. I always say squirting the joints  is the simplest part of the job, but it is also the one that can mess the job up the most if done incorrectly. It is what we all experience at our jobs, sometimes you get a rhythm going and they go in line clockwork. Other times it seems to go slow and you can’t keep up. Just to let you know all brick joints don’t have to be the same color, we can tweak the colors to your choosing.