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Concrete Sitting Wall

Concrete Sitting Walls are a great addition for a patio or focal point in your yard.

Concrete Sitting Wall

Let me describe to you how we install our walls. We start by digging a footing. This allows it to be stable from weather variations. This will give your wall longevity and durability. We then form our walls to the height and location. Plywood is used for the form work. This next step is very important, we install reinforcing or re-bar. The re-bar will structurally hold the structure together along with the cantilevered bench top. The bench top is formed with the wall, because we pour the wall and the bench top as one unit. This process make your the walls one solid piece of concrete. Color is added to the bench top. As you can see in the picture above the color brown/tan was chosen.

Once the concrete is set, the forms are stripped. The finish is now applied. The photo above is being finished with our rock finish. The product we use to build the rocks is concrete. It is a prioritized product that we purchase for this application. We apply the rocks approximately 1 inch thick. After it sets a bit we carve and texture the rocks. Another day passes and we apply the color for the finished look.

Rock sitting walls seem to be the most popular at this time, but we offer several other finishes. Dry-vit is another choice. Dryvit is a sand texture finish that has a multitude of colors. Brick is another choice. Brick is applied using the same applicable steps as the rock except it does not have to be as thick as the rocks. We then carve and color the brick using the same coloring process.

I hope this blog helps you understand the process of our sitting wall installation.

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