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Concrete Edging/Exposed Aggregate/Sealer- A Must!!

Slant style with a brick finish, bordering the bed from the sidewalk. Mulch washing over on the sidewalk. Has this ever happened to you? I see it a lot and the concrete edging does the job for you. The edging  contains the mulch in the bed where you want it. Additionally, while we were here, we cleaned and sealed the existing sidewalk. The entrance to you home is what gives your guests or visitors their first impression. Exposed aggregate sidewalks look very nice when they are sealed and additionally the sealer helps protect your concrete from the elements. The cement is very porous on exposed aggregate and  really should be kept sealed, yearly.  I sealed the curb right along with the sidewalk using the same sealer. Please make sure to have your exposed aggregate and your concrete edging sealed as part of the contractors estimate when you do your project.


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