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Concrete Curbing-The Long and Winding Cart Path

Concrete Curbing Winding

It was a beautiful day to take a picture. We had finished this curb just a few days earlier. Before posting the photograph this  morning I went to my editing program to re-size  the picture. I have always thought the picture was awesome with the landscape, color and all. Take a closer look. Look at the left side of the cart path. It’s not finished. This photo serves as, what I call, a side by side photograph all in itself. Look at the way the grass finishes up so nicely on the curb side versus the uncurbed. Not only  is it neater and easier to maintain, the concrete edging masks the disintegrating edges of the asphalt . I run into this a lot when we do driveways. I guess the asphalt is installed  thin on the edges or the vegetation was not removed before laying the driveway. The 4×6 curb whether it’s colored or natural works very well in these situations. As you can see here it has a function and looks nice too boot.