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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Richmond, Va

A very popular finish. Whether it’s a driveway or pool deck exposed aggregate gives you a nice natural looking finish. The process to the installation starts with the concrete mix. The stone you are left seeing is part of the mix and has to be ordered as exposed aggregate mix. You could also expose a regular…

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Let’s Pour Your Concrete Driveway

You would never know looking at it now. I should of taken a picture of the old driveway that was here. We tear out a lot of driveways. Some are asphalt and some are concrete. Then we pour them back how you want it. This customer wanted a medallion centered on the garage door. We poured the driveway…

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Concrete! Stamped or Textured?

                                      Stamped or Textured? That’s a question I run into a lot. It is fairly hard to explain fully to┬ámy customers. Technically both are stamped concrete with a twist. Texture is accomplished using mats with just texture…

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Time is a Wasting on Your Concrete Project

It does not matter the time of year, Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. We can pour your concrete at anytime of year.Of Course the Winter months are very difficult with the freezing temperatures and all.  But the Winter still does not stop us from doing your project. We use insulated concrete blankets in the Winter. Now the Summer months here…

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