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Stamped Brick Sidewalk

I Love it when a plan comes together. As you can see in the photos there is a void between the patio and the shed. Well the homeowner makes at least one trip a day to his shed and this area is just begging for a sidewalk. No ordinary sidewalk either. First we ordered a load of stone and dirt. We used the dirt to fill in the low spots in the yard and used the stone for fill under the sidewalk. Then we installed some 2 x 4 forms. The concrete is then poured with color. After we get the concrete smooth and hardens just enough, we cover the sidewalk with release. Release does two things for us. It keeps the stamps from sticking to the concrete and also adds a second color into the finished product. The stamped we used is called a running bond brick stamp. Before you know it, it’s all done. The area off to the right with the artifical grass is now being used as a chipping platform. At least that was the intended use. The dog may have other ideas. Give us a call, we would Love to do this for you.