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Stamped Borders

Stamped Border

A lot of times when we pour a patio, sidewalk or driveway the owner wants a border. Borders are nice because they set off the interior portion of the concrete area. In this photo for instance we used a border at the transition area from a patio that was poured years ago to the new one you see here. I suggested the border on this project for two reasons. First the original patio to the left was poured several years ago. I do not know the color or stamp that was used on the old patio. Even if I knew the color of the old patio, I know it  will not match the color of the new concrete patio. So I suggested a border to transition the two patios together. The border  does two things for this patio. It throws in a new color and a new texture. In this instance a  brick border with a darker color. Now, when looking at the patios poured it is much more difficult to notice the difference in the color or texture , because your eyes are drawn more to the darker color and busier pattern of the brick stamp between the two areas.  Something to think about if you are planning on enlarging your patio area.