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Stamped Ashlar Gray Richmond VA (Give It Time)

Ashlar Gray

We did this stamped sidewalk this week. The concrete is so fresh that the colors have not come into play yet. This is a light gray integral colored concrete with a medium/dark release. I have something to confess. I have a hard time getting back to our jobs and take a finished photo. Oh, I wish I had more time to do this, but the truth be known I don’t. Or lets put it this way, I have not made the time that I should. All the photos you see here in my blog or on my site is my work and I have gone back to these projects to get pictures. Most of my projects need  time to make the best photos and I have many more out there that I have not gone back to see the finished project. The finished project to me are the plantings, grass, pot tings and so forth. The photo above is the day after we finished pouring. The colors are still not correct. The concrete will lighten quite a bit yet and than you will be able to see the different shades and gradients. It still looks nice and the homeowner loves it, but give it a little time and it will look even nicer.