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Salt & Pepper Stamped Concrete

Salt Stamped Driveway

What is old is new. That is said quite often for clothes or architectural designs among other things. The same can be said for stamped concrete finishes. I don’t know how many of you have seen or even noticed concrete that looked like this. Being that I am a concrete guy and am always observing concrete finishes, I have seen it. This is stamped concrete made to look like rock salt finish. Believe it or not what they use to  float rock salt into the top of concrete. The next day moisture is applied to the concrete and the rock salt dissolves leaving all the little holes.   In the old days you would not have colored concrete and decorative saw cuts, it would of remained the natural color of concrete.  The concrete in the picture is natural and a clear liquid release was used. The saw cuts adds both a functional and visual effects.  The rock salt finish works now just as it did in the good old days.