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Concrete Furniture

Concrete BenchThis is my first time making concrete furniture and probably will not be my last.  Doing projects that are creative or decorative is a part of my business profile and my personality. I am not scared to try something new. If it does not work the first time do it again and again till it works. Well this project only took one take. As you can see its simple yet clean looking. When creating a project it’s really where your imagination can take you. The next step of course is putting your imagination to work. Before I built this project I consulted an engineer and discussed the area of the bench that is carrying past the chair legs. I call them cantilevers. I was concerned as to how far I could take the concrete past the legs before the cantilever became weak. I also wanted to keep the top fairly thin because I like the look of a thin top. Being that the top is thin means of course less concrete and limited re-bar for strength. Well as it turned out the engineer said I was fine with my design. My customer likes the furniture and works well on their patio. The bench in this picture is 5 feet long and it has a little brother across from it that is three feet long.