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Testimonial Westend

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Hi, my wife and I have been living in this house for the last 20 years in the west end of Richmond and for 20 years I’ve been struggling with these two beds trying to keep the mulch in and the weeds out and every spring and fall I would go around each of the beds and edge and put in more mulch. More often than not a lot of the mulch would work its way out of the beds and into the bottom of the yard.

So I was looking at some of the websites and came across Custom Landscape Curbing (Now and Mike and Jose were kind enough to come out and give me a bid and as a matter a fact they made some great suggestions on how to reconfigure the beds to accommodate some of these trees that have gotten a little bit larger and the root system.

So they came out and they were punctual, on time and gave a very competitive bid and put down about 200 linear feet and it took about 3 hours and they cleaned up afterwards and I didn’t have to do anything, it was perfect.

The maintenance afterwards is keeping it clean just like anything else that’s outdoors. The weed eating is very minimal and cutting grass around the curbing is incredibly easy so I’m very happy with it and I’m looking forward to putting my shovel away and not edge 200 feet of bedding every spring and every fall and it will probably save me a little bit on mulch because it will stay in the bed and not end up in the yard.

I’m very happy with it and thank Mike and Jose.

Here are some still shots: