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Sitting Wall Pour

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Here we are pouring the concrete sitting wall that surrounds a 125 year old maple tree in Richmond, VA. What you see in the video happens to be the easiest part of the project.

Getting too this point was the hardest. The home owner, Jonathon, helped us out immensely. He dug the holes. That was the key to this project, because you don’t pick where the holes go, the tree does. Finding those holes where we could keep the form work symmetrical around the tree was a bear.

We were unable to install a typical footing for this project because of the large tree roots. When we finally got around to pouring the wall we put sand at the bottom of the forms over the tree roots.

This will give that beautiful old maple some time to grow before it will affect the wall. More pictures will be coming later.

Here are some still shots:

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