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Concrete Landscape Curbing

Concrete Landscape Curbing, Landscape Edging, Concrete Edging and landscape Borders. Landscape Curbing is called by a lot of different names. I say “it works” because that is the feedback we get from our customers.

Not only does Concrete Landscape Curbing work, it looks great and stays put where we install it. Being that the concrete curbing is made out of concrete and our concrete curbing will not warp, rot, or rust.

Special Thanks to for providing the pictures and time lapse video of the Concrete Landscape Curbing install.

Below we describe the process of the Concrete Landscape Curbing installation.

Our Process

Step One

We prep the area for the curbing

This is done by removing the grass or creating a recessed path for the curbing to go. We have mechanical equipment to do this for us.

Step Two

All onsite

We bring all the material with us in our specially designed trailer and mix the concrete on site. This is where we add the color into the concrete so your color is throughout the curbing.
We wheel the concrete to the curbing machine and extrude the curbing to your desired shape.

Step Three


At this point we finish the curbing by troweling or stamping, depending on your preferred finish. From there we clean up. You will then be able to enjoy your professionally installed curbing for many years to come.

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Let me assure you we can install the Landscape Curbing without disturbing any of you established plantings.

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